Prayers, Funerals, and Devotions

Special Prayer requests: 

Please pray for the innocent lives that have been impacted by the War in Ukraine. May peace fall upon their land like a dove. May the Lord keep them and protect those who honor the Lord our God.

If you were unable to make it to the Maundy Thursday Service, Hillary wrote a poem for the back of the program. She would like to share the poem here: 

            You Lift Me Up

         By Hillary A. Luton


         They told me to standup,

         They told me to be strong,

         They said I should rely on myself,

         I found that they were wrong.


         They said I needed to believe in me,

         They said I should do it their way,

         They told me I would be ok,

         I honestly didn’t know what to say.


         While I cried deep inside,

         You whispered my name,

         I almost missed your voice,

         Because I knew I was to blame.


         I wasn’t strong,

         I couldn’t rely on me,

         I crashed to my knees,

         You set my heart free.


         You lifted me up,

         You were the strength I needed,

         I couldn’t keep anything from you,

         So my heart and soul I heeded.


         You lift me up,

         You are the strength I need,

         I belong to you now,

         I will follow where you lead.


Dear Father in Heaven,

We ask for your blessings upon our day, that we may share those blessings with your children around the world. Father, guide us to show compassion without effort, express love with a gesture, give freely from the heart, and guide your children back to you. 

In Jesus Name, Amen.